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Inspirationally handcrafted large paintings by Max Bessone.


I’m pleased to introduce my new art collection, an interplay in which the digital art is just a breath ahead of the brush stroke.


Biomimetics seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s patterns and strategies.

Looking at my paintings from this viewpoint, makes my work more than contextually meaningful. I have designed this collection to be a daily reminder for us to wear our ‘personal best’ suit in order to emphasise the unique creatures we are.

With a personal best presence, a Suited Design encourages people to action, and to become the subject of the action itself. This collection carries a positive message using nature’s metaphors, where animals and suits become one entity with a vibrant meaning. A Suited Design is the exact moment where an idea becomes a valuable piece of art.


“The design is not the deciding factor for me, but rather my motivation behind it.”

These fine art pieces have been digitally designed and printed on white, fine poly-cotton blend, matte canvas. Each artwork has been treated individually by the artist to create a unique piece. No two designs are the same.

These limited editions, come with a certificate label marked by a wax stamp, and are hand titled and signed.


Suited Designs have been made to evoke emotions.

While “strange” and “pretty” are subjective terms that don’t always apply to everybody, these representational designs can instead generate feelings in us which positively affect the painting’s value.


If you had any comments about this collection, it must have had a visual impact. This is the guarantee that your art piece will generate many other comments through the years, adding value beyond money.

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