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When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.


Thinker. Maker.

Max is a creative & conceptual thinker, a design freelancer with 14 years of experience between Italy, Australia, New Zealand and often involved in overseas projects and contracts. He’s worked extensively on branding, advertising, print materials, campaigns, POS and most of his experience has been focused on UX. Max has worked with Pacific companies such as ASB, ANZ, KIWI BANK, TURISM NZ, RIO TINTO and european brands as FERRERO, KTM, IKEA, BACI&ABBRACCI, FEDERICO MOCCIA, LAVAZZA. He is driven by a child-like fascination with life and his unrelenting desire to understand “why?”. He enjoys strategy, loves a challenge and always pushes the boundaries of creativity to new limits. Idea conception is his passion and presenting is his payoff.

He likes to make the creative process fun, develop a family-oriented creative team that involves every member of the team and achieve international recognitions. He’s a design mentor who helps teams to see things from different angles. Max is deeply involved into the design community of Wellington and you can find him at every Startup weekends.
He’s different, intrigued at all times, very approachable and he’ll turn the office into his playground!

In practice, he’s just someone passionate about life who has developed the ability to successfully translate desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into imagery. And this is his story…

My challenge is to deliver memorable and captivating productions, focused on people needs. I like to tell stories – in the most beautiful and original way possible.

– Max Bessone –



Dates: From November 2016 to present
Role: Founder
Declaration of MAXMATTER: There is a word we don’t hear enough of these days. One that allows amazing things to happen. And that is the reason I am brining it back. Not just in what I say, but through everything I do and believe. MATTER to thinking differently. MATTER to exploring new options. And MATTER to doing everything humanly possible to help people to feel good about being part of a beautiful World. Design what really matter, it is a big ambition. But it is about to start changing things, for the better, because ‘good design’ is not a visual accessory that is added to the business or a product after it’s done, thinking only what it looks like. It’s the creation of a product that will suit people’s present or future needs dressed by a harmonious looks.

puntoelenco     Creating things that deeply make sense to people, then look for a solution to make them
puntoelenco     Helping teams to approach to a problem
puntoelenco     Creating innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology
puntoelenco     Designing product to be used and which satisfy criteria, not only aesthetic but functional and psychological
puntoelenco     Designing understandable products
puntoelenco     Creating unobtrusive products, not a decorative object nor a piece of art.
puntoelenco     Creating honest design which does not manipulate the consumer
puntoelenco     Taking care and accuracy in the design process
puntoelenco     Making it pure and simple. Less, but better


Dates: From June 2016 to October 2016
Role: Creative Director
Main occupation: In consultation with owners and other seniors, responsible for setting and maintaining the overall creative standards of the studio and brand positioning. Directs the activities of other team members and inspires them to exceed and reach the agency’s standards of creative excellence, timeliness, and profitability, whilst inspiring our clients and achieving their goals.

puntoelenco     Provide leadership/motivation and convey Moxie’s creative standards, vision and values to staff
puntoelenco     Act as lead designer on key projects and accounts
puntoelenco     Embed digital thinking within the team
puntoelenco     Manage clients and projects on a day-to-day basis
puntoelenco     Work alongside account directors or project design leads
puntoelenco     Lead the development and delivery of client and new business pitches and presentations
puntoelenco     Participate in client relations promotional activities.


Dates: From July 2015 to present
Role: Design Mentor
Main occupation: Design mentor for Venture Up, the leading entrepreneurship accelerator programme for New Zealand’s young aspiring leaders. It is a full time six-week entrepreneurship experience for the most promising young entrepreneurial minded New Zealanders in which they build their own skills through training sessions and leading methodologies being used by entrepreneurs around the world.

puntoelenco     Design thinking / Human centered approach.
puntoelenco     Consulting.
puntoelenco     Influencing.
puntoelenco     Evaluative judgments.
puntoelenco     Public speeches.
puntoelenco     Growth mindset.


Dates: From August 2011 to December 2015
Role: Senior Designer / Creative director
Main occupation: idea generation, concept development and visualisation for Kineo agencies across New Zealand and Australia. Creative direction of the freelancers and of the indian team during the development of the products. Providing advice and support to hire new creative talents.

puntoelenco     Lead the organisation in creative visual excellence.
puntoelenco     Seek new and innovative ideas, tools and technologies.
puntoelenco     Organising, initiating and lead brainstorms sessions.
puntoelenco     Creating concepts and design assets in a project.
puntoelenco     Communicate clearly to client design visions.
puntoelenco     Working alongside to development team.
puntoelenco     Managing and directing freelancers and indian team.
puntoelenco     Influence all people to strive for continuous improvement as far as visual design and creativity.

Clients: ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Contact Energy, Customs New Zealand, Ducere, Ministry of Health, New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade, Kiwi Bank, 100% Pure New Zealand, Rio Tinto, Word Health Organization, Wellington Free Ambulance, Department of Labour, Dimension Data, Number 1 Shoes, Skycity, Statistic New Zealand.


Dates: From 2005 to 2011
Role: Managing Director / Creative director
Main occupation: Creative leadership, idea generation, development and QA of all projects. Client management and planning of digital and print campaigns, mentoring and pitches. Teacher for design courses.

puntoelenco     Set and drive the design direction for the organisation.
puntoelenco     Instil an ethos of design thinking.
puntoelenco     Design leader and mentor for a creative team of 4 people.
puntoelenco     Ensure collaboration within the teams.
puntoelenco     Leading external teams and professionals (fashion designers, photographers, models, interior designers and artists).
puntoelenco     Influence all people to strive for continuous improvement as far as visual design and creativity.
puntoelenco     Consult directly with clients to ascertain their needs and the environments in which they operate.
puntoelenco     Research and introduce new technologies, tools and processes backed.

Clients: Ferrero, Baci&Abbracci, Amore 14 di Federico Moccia, Sirt, Yamaha Italy, KTM italy, Fastweb, Dopla, Sfogliagel, 2C – To See, GoFox, Rotary of Turin, Consultman, Comart, Turin Olympic Games 2006, Balon, Asti Volley, Lavazza Blue, Turin Observatory, Santero.


Dates: From March 2005 to October 2005
Role: Digital design manager
Main occupation: Collaborate with one of the most well known creative directors of Turin. Responsible for the digital projects, from conception to the development.


Dates: From 2002 to 2005
Role: Digital designer
Main occupation: Working with instructional designers, project managers and developers to create beautiful designs, web interfaces, flash animations and digital UX, for users within every business sector.


Dates: From November 2001 to January 2002
Role: Junior Graphic designer
Main occupation: Learning the basics in one of the best italian advertising agency, working with seniors in international advertising. Photo retouch, creation of assets, management of image library and other minor graphic works.


Bachelor of Design

Dates: 2004 – Polytechnic of Turin
Course: Design and Visual Communication
Skills covered: Tools, techniques and tecnhnologies for the conception, design and manufacture of products

Diploma of Design

Dates: 2000 – High School – Ist. Bodoni
Course: Design and graphic arts
Skills covered: Advertising, design, communication techniques and equipments

Italian Army – Voluntary

Dates: 2000 – 2001
Role: Chief Caporal
Main occupation: Truck driver and manager of a team of 25 drivers


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