Metaphors are so well established in everyday language that hardly we can hear them.

‘I blowed my nose in a tissue’ or ‘That drawing, seems real’ or ‘I got a tune in my head’
How they would look like into the reality of each day?

I decided to transform some of the most common, kiwi and italian metaphoric sentences, into imageries.

Widely accepted as art form, photo manipulation requires skill as well as an active imagination and transforming my own portrait, 100 times, has been a challenge.

I was after consistency withing the pieces, so that observer could see the theme connection. I focused exclusively on the subject to create a more dynamic result and I opted for a plain colourful background to empathise it.

The result is a funny journey into an imaginary world made of ridiculous expressions, colours and surreal creations. The success of the project has been to see the expressions of people in front of the artworks. Observing their genuine laughts and listening their surprised comments.

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