Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) are responsible for implementing and applying the World Anti-Doping Code in New Zealand. DFSNZ aims to educate all elite, high performance and development athletes and their support personnel of sports who have signed to the Code.

Anti-doping is an international issue where cutting edge education is well received, but needs to be easily accessed for maximum effectiveness. As such, DFSNZ needed an effective education programme tailored specifically to New Zealand athletes, coaches and support personnel.

The previous DFSNZ e-learning was flash based, rendering it inaccessible for many users due to its unreliability and incompatibility with various devices and browsers. It was not responsive, it required a manual management and also did not offer the level of reporting required by DFSNZ. Alternatively, face-to-face seminars were used. However, due to geographical locations and limited human resourcing a number of those who required education around NZ and those based overseas were limited to receiving only hard copy resources, which were ideally reinforcement materials as opposed to education in itself.

The new designed solution, based on an LMS platform, has given to DFSNZ an instant worldwide result.

This product has been awarded best LMS and eLearning content 2016.