Kensington Swan is a leading New Zealand law firm which has identified the quality of the client experience as a genuine point of difference. Re-design their website was the role I’ve been committed to, as contractor with Insight Creative – Wellington.

The website was seen as one of the key expressions of the brand. We developed an extensive strategy for the site with particular emphasis on the user experience. We wanted the home page to not just say unbeatable experience but to actively demonstrate it. Accordingly, we opened the site with strong brand story-telling, showing how Kensington Swan listens, understands and applies expertise to deliver results for clients. We supported this with a questionnaire, allowing users to tailor the home page, and site experience, to exactly what they need.

We defined specific journeys for potential and existing clients, as well as prospective employees. For each journey, we created multiple navigation approaches to illustrate that Kensington Swan doesn’t take one approach for everyone. And through cookies and content tagging, the site promotes tailored content aligned with user preferences.