The mission of Nutratify, a Singapore based company, is to provide the finest, all-natural, effective products through the power of superior plant based ingredients that would revolutionise people’s health and improve overall well-being.

They wanted to create a new elegant container for their high-level audience, a packaging that could present the natural and superior benefit of the product. They also wished to achieve an International Design Winning Award packaging.

I’ve been inspired by Aristotle’s conception of the five elements, where the upside-down triangle with the tip pointing downward symbolises feminine side of things and the triangle with the point facing upward is a masculine symbol. From the extrusion of the two shapes, I got a container which is the representation of the Aether, essence of life.

The new NUTRATIFY container is the essence of the elegance mixed with the warmth of natural materials. Born to contain capsules of 500mg, it has all the technical features to be a practical and safe receptacle.

The shape has been designed to be practical. Easy to carry, comfortable to grab and stable while in the bag or in the car. The look&feel has focused on making a product people could enjoy everyday. Simple and elegant to be exposed.


Nutratify packaging has been awarded the Bronze A’ Design Award in the category of Packaging by the grand jury panel of the International A’ Design Award & Competition 2017

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